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What the media says about Playtomic's success

Pelota de pádel sobre la pista

🇪🇸El deporte que más ha crecido a nivel mundial

Playtomic and consulting firm Monitor Deloitte have released the “Global Padel Report,” which concludes that padel is one of the leading sports today and the fastest-growing sport worldwide, potentially surpassing tennis. According to the report, the creation of new padel courts in Europe has tripled since 2016, reaching nearly 27,000,

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Gráfica de líneas sobre carpeta azul

🇪🇸Radiografía de las principales empresas unicornio en Europa

European startups have seen the rise of a new breed of companies called “centaurs,” which focus on profitability rather than just valuation. While there are over 1,200 unicorn companies globally, with 150 in Europe, five of them are Spanish. The German company Celonis is the highest-valued European unicorn, providing business

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Hombre corriendo por zona arbolada

🇪🇸Tips para hacer deporte si no tengo tiempo

Four tips to practice sports more often, using new trends and technologies. One of them is to download Playtomic, a free app that allows you to book padel courts in more than 600 clubs in Spain. Padel is a fun and complete sport that exercises many muscles and skills. With

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Jugador de padel sobre pista de padel

🇪🇸 Las 4 mejores apps para amantes del pádel

Are you a passionate paddle tennis player with a love for all things digital? Look no further! The convergence of sports and technology has brought forth the four best apps for paddle tennis enthusiasts. Paddle tennis, a sport that has rapidly gained popularity, is no longer considered elitist thanks to

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