Advantages of Playtomic, the booking system for padel clubs

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How many times have you wanted to play a game of padel but had no court or people to play with? This is no longer a problem with Playtomic, the efficient padel reservation system that allows clubs to make their courts available to thousands of users. In a simple and interactive way in exchange for a small commission. It is a practical, safe and open to all audiences..

It is estimated that an average of 350,000 players access the Playtomic at least once a day. They do it with the intention of finding other players, of similar levels, and free tracks to reserve in Spain. This puts an end to the tedious task of having to agree with friends and find a club that had a free dance floor at that time. It is precisely this innovative strategy that has led this padel booking system to expand to 35 countries and to register more than one million active users.

Playtomic gives you the option to book a padel or tennis court simultaneously from more than 500 clubs all over Spain in less than a minute and from its efficient application. This has led it to record a turnover of close to 150 million euros in 2022.

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Advantages of Playtomic

With the above information, it is time to analyze in depth what benefits Playtomic has as a padel booking system. Downloading and using your application becomes an agile and simple operation, so it is within the reach of any user.


  • Connection between stakeholders: Playtonic offers the opportunity to find padel courts close to our geolocation, without any effort, as well as players of similar levels to ours with whom we can play a match. All this is possible thanks to its extensive and select database that gathers clubs from all over Spain, so that even if we move from our city we can easily find the best alternative.
  • Save the results: As you use Playtomic, you will discover the many features of this padel booking system, which allows you to to save in favorites the clubs the clubs where we like to play the most and activate alerts when the time slot we want to play is available.
  • Filter the results: Playtomic frees users from long waits and tedious calls to different sports clubs. Thanks to the application, it is possible to perform a precise search by city, area, time zone and type of track, showing only the free tracks based on our preferences. All in less than a minute!
  • Pay the same price: By using the Playtomic App you are not paying an additional cost. The price is the same as if you booked directly at the club.
  • Make payment in a synchronized and secure manner: There is the option to make the payment physically once the track has been booked, but for the most part it is made securely as the card is synchronized with the application. Thus, special prices and conditions may be maintained offered by each club. The payment will be very fast and agile with this padel reservation system, since it will offer the possibility of recharging the voucher at Ego Sport Center and to pay only our share of the track, dividing the payment among all players.
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  • First level statistics: With this padel booking system it is possible to have access to an updated ranking of each match. We can see the record of victories, movements and even our real level of play. Information that is perfectly integrated and accessible at any time.
  • Simple interface: As we have already mentioned, Playtomic is a padel booking system for everyone, with a simple and intuitive application which allows, logically, to take advantage of all its functionalities. Once the basic data of place, date and time have been entered, we will be shown the clubs with a free court according to our preferences, and we can even set in the upper right corner aspects such as playing time or the characteristics of the court. Then we will be redirected to the payment platform to choose the payment method and make the confirmation.
  • Tournaments and activities: This is one of the great novelties of this efficient padel booking system that attracts so many players. There are tournaments for different locations and levels to which we can sign up from the application itself.
  • Permanent information: Playtomic also has a blog to be informed of all the latest news from the world of padel and tennis, as well as tips and tricks to improve your game, training and all kinds of news.
  • Full accessibility: This padel booking system is open to people with disabilities, who will be able to create their own adapted padel matches with other players.

In short, Playtomic is a revolution in the world of padel reservation systems. It is simple and intuitive, so all you have to do is download the application and enjoy countless advantages.

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