All you need to know about artificial turf padel courts

We explain you all the advantages of #artificialgrass for a #padelcourt! Want to know if it's the best choice for your club? Read this content to the end to find out. Don't miss it!

Although the measurements and characteristics of a padel court always remain the same, there is one element that can change, and that is the ground. You can find facilities with porous concrete, synthetic resin, carpet, cement or even wood flooring. One of the most popular options is artificial turf because of the advantages it offers.

The only obligation that a padel must comply with is that it must have one of the three official colors: green, blue and earthy. For artificial grass you can choose between these three shades and have the image that best fits to create the perfect environment for you and your business.

It also allows the game to be slower allowing for a totally natural and predictable ball bounce. Artificial turf padel courts offer a stable and uniform surface. The tread is comfortable and comfortable. The game can be enjoyed much more.

Aesthetically, artificial turf is very pleasing and is easy to fit in with any type of environment. This type of floor can be found in many padel of clubs all over Spain and abroad. But the positive aspects of this material are not over yet. Pay attention to what we tell you below!

Reasons to choose artificial turf for your padel court

One of the main advantages of artificial turf is that it is very easy to install. It can be placed on almost any surface. This allows it to be placed in any location from terraces, gardens, patios to high performance sports centers.

It takes only about five hours to install this type of flooring on a runway. The rolls are held in place with an adhesive that also ensures that the joints do not protrude. In certain cases a sand bed may be needed to level the surface and keep the turf in place. In any case, you can have your artificial turf very quickly and without great complications.

In addition, artificial turf courts have a longer durability without the need for major maintenance. This reduces the cost of installing this type of material compared to other options. Weekly cleaning (by brushing) and sand distribution is required if necessary to level the surface.

Every six months a fungicide treatment should be carried out, the joints should be checked and a thorough cleaning should be performed. This maintenance is performed by specialized companies or by the artificial turf suppliers themselves. With this care, artificial turf courts can last up to 4 years in perfect condition and looking their best.

Artificial turf is a material that does not overheat in sunlight, which helps players cope better with high temperatures. In addition, it offers some cushioning against possible falls. This type of flooring offers a quality of play that the users of your padel club will surely appreciate. It offers a very comfortable surface for the game.

You can find different types of artificial turf to suit the different needs of your court. There are options for professional circuits with a slightly higher cost since they maintain their good condition for a longer period of time even when the use is more intensive. Other alternatives are somewhat cheaper and are designed for amateur users that can be used in padel clubs or sports centers.

Count on Playtomic to build your own padel courts

The team of experts at Playtonic helps you with the construction of your padel tennis court whether you are an individual or a club owner. We will carry out a detailed study of your project to offer you the solutions that best suit your needs. We help you create the perfect space to enjoy this sport that has a large number of followers around the world.

The floor is one of the fundamental parts for this sport to be practiced without any problem. Artificial turf padel courts can be a great option to enjoy this sport. We advise you on the choice of materials, installation and maintenance. Contact us now to find out all the possibilities!

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