Best ERP for padel club management

This is the #bestERP for the management and administration of #padelclubs and courts #padelmanagement

ERP has become the best ally of companies of all kinds, since thanks to this efficient management software it is possible to manage the entire workflow, contacts, relationships, suppliers and aspects related to accounting. Playtomic is presented as a potential ERP designed for the management of padel courts and sports clubs.

According to the International Padel Federation (FIP), in 2022 there were more than 25 million active padel players in more than 110 countries. more than 25 million active padel players in over 110 countries. This demonstrates the need to establish an adequate management and structuring for a sport that is booming, not only because of its innumerable health benefits, but also as a method of social interaction.

The last few years have seen the number of federative licenses in padel increase considerably, increasing in 2022 with respect to 2019 by by almost 30%. In fact, in Playtomic there are about 350,000 players who log in to the application at least once a month, to find other players and reserve free courts in Spain. This has led him to expand to 35 countries as the ERP paddle court of reference and to register a total of one million active users.

Playtomic is a cloud-based management software designed especially for tennis and padel clubs. This ERP padel court has tens of thousands of active players around the world, being the largest reserve network in existence. It offers comprehensive club management with all the tools necessary to develop the business and enhance the player experience padel

Technical characteristics

Playtomic, as ERP padel court is a cloud-based software that is is distributed in SaaS model model, giving you the flexibility to paying only for the modules that are needed. Can be implemented and put into operation in less than 48 hours with a professional accompaniment during the process.

Any player, club, professional, teacher or sponsor can access the platform to enjoy padel by sharing experiences, learning, court and fraternal bonds. This ERP padel court features a online reservation center. This increases revenues by facilitating reservations, displaying real-time availability and guaranteeing payment.

Playtomic allows you to optimize the services provided and the and club management with Business Intelligence. This provides comprehensive management reports and improves business decision making. This ERP padel court makes available to users a marketing team to assist in the promotion of the clubs in social networks and digital platforms. In addition, it improves search engine results and offers the possibility of invest in Google Ads advertising.

Likewise, has online booking module, invoicing, customer management, communications to send notifications and alerts to players, POS, payments, direct debits and management of courses, school and activities, making it the best paddle court ERP.


How does it work?

Thanks to Playtomic, like ERP padel, you can create private matches with friends or allow public registration of other players freely, and even search for active matches to join. It has a sophisticated level estimation system which will allow players to improve faster and become more competitive. All of this with a reservation process with full synchronization in real time depending on availability.

Thanks to Playtomic, clubs have been able to to become fully automated. Players reserve a court, arrive at the club, open with a code provided by the application, play the game and then close. In this way, the companies are able to achieve a increased profitability and productivity by eliminating jobs that were only in charge of controlling the player roster.

Is it a profitable business?

In 2019, Playtomic managed to reap revenues of €1.9 million, in 2020 up to €25 million, in 2021 to €80 million and in 2022 close to 150 million euros. This ERP padel courts has played a fundamental role in the development of this sport, as the application has some 1,100 member clubs of the little more than 1,268 padel clubs that exist in Spain.

The registration fees for each match imposed by this ERP padel court increased from 0.29 euros to 0.99 euros for each player plus 0.50 euros extra if the match is finally cancelled. For its part, Playtomic invoices the clubs 4% for each runway reservation 1.99 per reservation. Apart from this, the software company charges for implementing its computer system to digitize the facilities, which is typically less than 100 euros per month.

The Playtomic application keeps a club’s court locked even if there is only one player registered for the match and the match is cancelled, which means that the club cannot use the space at that moment. However, this ERP padel courts have become a widespread social phenomenon with great acceptance among racquet players among racquet players.

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