Playtomic Padel Leagues

Are you organizing a padel competition? Playtomic can offer you the optimal solution to easily schedule your internal leagues and tournaments

Relevant features

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Event management

Automatically generate all the matches in the calendar and let players rearrange a match if the day or hour does not suit their preferences. Points are assigned and rankings are automatically updated when the users upload the score of their match in the app. Schedule promotions and relegations, re-organizing groups based on the results of the first round.

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All in one app

Say goodbye to paper and manual updates and embrace a new technological era. Players will automatically join the league from the app, upload the score of their match, check rankings and verify in which court they are going to play anytime, anywhere.

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Level assignment

Is it difficult for you to manage different groups because skills and expertise vary a lot from player to player? Let our level algorithm group all the participants based on their real skills. We can also arrange for you the participation of a certified coach during the event, in order to properly assign an adjusted Playtomic level to all the players.

About us

Playtomic is the place where players, clubs, professionals, teachers, sponsors, in short, all racket fans get together to enjoy this amazing sport called padel.
We experienced an outstanding growth in the recent years and we are proud to be the managing software used by more than 4.000 Clubs distributed in 48 countries around the world.

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