Find the best equipment for your padel club

All the elements that are available in a padel club, both furniture and real estate, are necessary for your #clubdepadel #padel and its acceptance and success among users.

All padel clubs must follow minimum requirements according to international standards, complying with the basic conditions in the facilities and equipment of their players. Through the following post you will know which is the best equipment for padel clubs essential to be able to carry out your activity.

Playtomic is the network that connects players from any geographical location who wish to find other players with whom they can play matches, looking for a court near them and according to their time and performance needs. In addition, we offer you basic information so that you know what you need to have the best equipment for padel clubs.

Raquetas de pádel sobre la red de la pista

The track

All clubs must build their courts in accordance with current regulations. The playing area is a rectangle whose interior measurements must be 10 meters wide by 20 meters long, with a tolerance of 0.5% of these measurements. The rectangle is in turn divided by the net and the service lines on both sides have a distance of 6.95 meters.

Likewise, the area between the net and the service lines must be divided by a perpendicular line called the center serving line. The width of the lines should be about 5 cm and in indoor courts the minimum clear height should be 6 meters over the entire court.


Once the configuration of the court has been defined, it is necessary to see that the best equipment for padel clubs also takes into account the artificial lighting, which should be uniform and not hinder visibility of the players, spectators and the referee team. It must therefore comply with the EU standard: UNE-EN 12193 ‘Lighting in sports facilities’.

For an outdoor padel court, you can opt for lighting of class 1 (requiring 500 lux and 70% uniformity), class 2 (requiring 300 lux and 70% uniformity), class 3 (they require 200 lux and 50% uniformity). The best equipment for padel clubs, as far as indoor courts are concerned, will allow us to differentiate between: class 1 (750 lux and 70% uniformity), class 2 (500 lux and 70% uniformity) and class 3 (300 lux and (300 lux and 50% uniformity).


The network

Continuing with the best equipment for padel clubs, we must talk about the net. It must have a length of 10 meters and a height of 0.88 meters in the middle. At its ends it should rise up to 0.92 meters, with a maximum tolerance of 0.005.

The net must be suspended by metallic cable with a maximum diameter of 0.01 meter, attached to two lateral posts with a maximum height of 1.05 meters. It shall be limited by an upper white band whose width shall be between 5 and 6.3 cm, and may include a band with advertising of less than 9 centimeters.


To define the best equipment for padel clubs, it is necessary to take into account the enclosures. The following should be used 10 meters inside length on the bottom and 20 meters inside length on the sides. Materials should be combined to allow a regular bounce of the ball, except in the wire mesh areas where it will be irregular.

The walls of the padel court must be made of any transparent or opaque material. Transparent or opaque material that offers regular and uniform strength and rebound, regardless of material and finish. In the case of glass runways, EU regulations must be complied with: UNE – EN 12150 – 1. For electrowelded mesh, the welding points must be protected to avoid scratches or cuts.

The accesses

The accesses must be symmetrical with respect to the center of the runway, with two openings (one on each side). The remaining free space, if you have only one access. The minimum size should be 1.05×2 meters and a maximum of 1.20×2.20 meters. For its part, in the case of two side accesses each free opening shall have a minimum of 0.72×2 meters and a maximum of 0.82×2.20 meters. Everything is also suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Sport-technical equipment

If we talk about the best equipment for padel clubs it means that the basic elements to practice this sport cannot be missing. Although each player will bring his or her own equipment, the club will require rackets, balls, nets, markers and protective fencing. With respect to the wardrobe as the best equipment for padel clubs there are many suggestions.

Auxiliary installations

When it comes to having the best equipment for padel clubs, you cannot neglect the need for changing rooms, toilets, showers, fountains, green areas, rest areas, reception, waiting room, lockers, sporting goods store and bar. All this with a efficient ventilation system.


Another indispensable condition for having the best equipment for padel clubs is that it is required equipment and materials for the regular maintenance of the courts and of the courts and facilities.

If all these requirements and measures are met, the best equipment for padel clubs will be achieved, achieving successful results and a high degree of satisfaction among users. Successful results and a high degree of satisfaction among the users of the equipment.

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