Find the best nets for padel courts

What do you know about #padel #networks? It is an essential element to enjoy this sport. Looking for the best nets for your club? We explain what you need to find what you need.

A fundamental part of the game of padel is the net. It must be approved according to the regulations of the Consejo Superior de Deportes and the European Standard EN-1510. This regulation outlines the characteristics that must be in place to allow the game to be regulated. You need to find top quality padel nets to enjoy this sport.

The width of the nets for padel courts should be 10 meters. The height is set at 0.92 meters at the ends and 0.88 meters in the central part. The posts that provide support should not be longer than 1.05 meters. The thickness of the upper wide band should be between 5 and 6.3 centimeters. If it carries advertising it can reach up to 9 centimeters.

The material used to manufacture the regulation padel nets is polypropylene or polyethylene. The upper tape is made of polyester or PVC. A galvanized and plasticized steel cable must be inside.

It is not enough for track nets to comply with regulations; they must also be made of top-quality materials. We are going to give you the keys to make the right choice when choosing this fundamental part of your gaming experience. Pay attention to what we tell you below!

Criteria to find the best nets for padel courts

There are padel nets for competition that are made of high resistance materials such as high tenacity polypropylene. There are also alternatives for amateur players or for padel clubs where the quality-price ratio is very interesting. It is important that your supplier helps you choose the right one for your specific case.

How to know which are the best nets for padel courts? We tell you what you should take into account.

Up-to-date manufacturing techniques. You can take into account several aspects such as the use of technology for its manufacture. You can find manufacturers using the latest innovations to produce knotless netting that offers greater durability.

Resistance for outdoor tracks. Other suppliers apply UV protection treatments to padel court nets to prevent the wearing effects of sunlight. Many padel courts are outdoors and therefore need to be especially resistant to the effects of the weather. Find out if the manufacturer you have chosen takes these factors into account when manufacturing their nets.

Use of quality materials. Polypropylene is a polymer used in the manufacture of padel court nets. This plastic has evolved over time and has now been reformulated to offer better performance. If you are going to buy a net, make sure it has the latest innovations in construction materials.

Compliance with safety criteria. Once a padel net is installed, it should be fully extended, but not excessively taut. The safety of the players is very important and the cable holding the net cannot suddenly come loose causing injury to people nearby. Check if the manufacturer of padel court nets complies with the following requirements.

Price. This is another aspect that you should take into account when purchasing your padel court nets. As we have already mentioned, you can find from professional networks used in competition to more affordable options for individuals. If you have a club or sports association, you should consider spending a little more so that your networks offer a better service to your users (saving on maintenance).

Muchas pelotas en pista de pádel

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