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Following the success of the Global Padel Report 2022, Playtomic and Monitor Deloitte have joined forces once again to share an updated view on how Padel has become a global sport.

An unstoppable phenomenon that is showcasting robust annual growth and promising signs of real traction in key-markets that will drive us to a 6 billion industry in 2026.

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Padel Growth Overview

48 pages of exclusive content with updates about the Padel Industry:

Download the Global Padel Report 2023

Global Padel Report

The Global Padel Report 2023 is now available for download, offering 48 pages of exclusive content about the Padel industry. Let us give you a glimpse of what you’ll find in this detailed report about this growing sport:

Key Takeaways - Padel figures and growth

Padel is experiencing a worldwide surge, with a consistent growth in popularity and investment. Significant expansion is projected in regions where it is still in its early stages, and a considerable growth is expected in the economic ecosystem surrounding the sport, offering significant investment opportunities.

Padel has gained acceptance due to its inclusivity and its ability to accommodate players of all ages and physical conditions. This sport fosters a vibrant and interconnected community and provides benefits beyond competition, including social interaction and physical well-being. Discover more about the growth and popularity of Padel in this fascinating article.

Sustained & sustainable padel growth: Brief market analysis and update

The growth of Padel has been observed in the Padel Report 2022, and now we have an update on this growth and how the evolution of Padel in Google searches continues to increase year after year, demonstrating a genuine interest in this sport.

We will also see the progress that Padel has made in each country and how it has changed in recent years.

Evolution of padel courts and clubs in selected regions

Do you happen to know how much has been invested in new Padel courts during 2022? Do you know which countries have built the most Padel courts in the past year?

Observe the growth in Padel courts over the past 10 years and how it reflects continuous expansion and future prospects.

An incredible statistic: One out of every 5 Padel clubs currently operating opened in 2022.

These factors are driving the growth of padel in many countries. Enjoy playing padel and immerse yourself in this thrilling sport!

Key factors that boost padel growth

Padel is experiencing exponential growth in different countries, and the Global Padel Report details why. Here’s an excerpt:

  • People enjoy the sport

    When people have a passion for sports, they are naturally drawn to padel. In countries like the Nordic nations, where they love trying new things, padel has become highly popular.

  • Similar to tennis

    If a country has many tennis players, it's more likely that they will also enjoy padel because of its similarities to tennis. Countries like France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have a large number of tennis players, so the growth of padel is expected there.

  • Famous figures play it

    When famous sports or business personalities play and promote padel, it attracts more people. In Sweden, many individuals started playing padel because Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a renowned footballer, plays the sport.

  • Competitions and events

    Major competitions and events help more people become acquainted with padel and develop an interest in it. In Italy, competitions organized by the Federation have led to an increase in the number of people joining the sport.

  • Fun and sociable

    Padel is a team sport, which appeals to those who enjoy spending time with friends. It's not just about playing sports but also having fun with friends.

  • Increased availability of venues

    With investments, more padel venues can be built in a country. In Sweden, many new clubs were constructed thanks to investments.

  • Complex regulations

    In some countries, complex rules and regulations make it challenging to establish new padel venues. For example, in Australia, engineers are required to review the installation process for each court.

  • Support from businesses

    Brands and companies focused on padel are helping create more places to play. Playtomic, for instance, is making padel more accessible.

Padel landscape in mature countries

This report unveils astonishing details that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s a sneak peek:

These are just some of the thrilling details you’ll find in the Global Padel Report 2023. Don’t miss out! Immerse yourself in the world of padel and discover how this incredible industry is evolving. Read the complete report to uncover all the exciting details. It’s a must-read you can’t afford to miss!

New relevant regions where padel is emerging

Padel is gradually establishing itself as a global sport, and its future development will be driven by its expansion in strategically important regions. As the sport gains popularity worldwide, there are several regions that stand out for their growth and potential in the world of padel.

Let’s take a look at some of these emerging regions:

United States

Padel is experiencing significant growth in the United States. More and more people are discovering this exciting sport, and the demand for Padel facilities is on the rise. Numerous Padel courts and clubs are being built across the country, reflecting the growing interest among the population. With the arrival of renowned players and the organization of tournaments, Padel is gaining momentum and attracting new fans in the United States.

Big3 Europe

In the United Kingdom, Padel United, the largest Padel club operator in the Nordic region, has plans for expansion throughout the country. They are providing funding to individuals who already have land and wish to create a Padel club. This demonstrates the growing interest in Padel in the United Kingdom and the willingness to invest in new facilities to meet the demand.

In France, in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games, the President of France has announced a plan to finance the construction of approximately 500 Padel courts. This reinforces France’s commitment to Padel development and its growing popularity in the country.

In Germany, the German Tennis Association (DTB) has taken responsibility for Padel since early 2022. They have gone a step further by organizing the German Padel Tour (GPT), a Padel tour in the country. This demonstrates the recognition of Padel’s potential in Germany and the drive to promote the sport at a national level.

Middle East and Asia

In the Middle East and Asia, Padel is also rapidly gaining ground. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, India, and China are experiencing a surge in Padel’s popularity. New facilities are being built, and tournaments and events are being organized to promote the sport in these regions. The combination of a growing sports culture and a desire to diversify sporting options is driving the rise of Padel in these areas.

In summary, Padel is flourishing as an exciting sport in various regions worldwide, from the United States to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. However, to discover all the fascinating details about Padel’s growth in these emerging regions, we invite you to read the complete report in the Global Padel Report. You will find detailed information about advancements in each country, future projects, notable events, and the impact of Padel in these strategic regions. Dive into the report’s pages and uncover the complete story behind the global growth of Padel. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the most exciting details about the Padel boom worldwide!

Padel Market Analysis

Global Padel Report 2022

Last year we released the first Global Padel Report that put the potential growth and the power of our industry in the media across more than 9 countries. The Global Padel Report 2022 has been downloaded by more than 5.000 industry professionals. 

Global Padel Report 2022

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