How to effectively clean padel courts

These are just a few tips and tricks to #cleanpadelcourts effectively and easily

If durability is to be guaranteed durability and efficient maintenance of a padel court, it will be convenient to learn how to clean padel courts. The maintenance of the surface, whether it is concrete, resin, cement or artificial turf, will also determine the quality of the game and the risk of injury to the users.

If we take into account the high cost of building a modern padel court, with the most efficient technologies, we realize the value of its maintenance. When we talk about how to clean padel courts we refer to any model, but especially the most usual ones, which are the artificial grass ones with glass walls.

high-angle-shot-of-a-green padel court

Key maintenance tasks

Basic cleaning

The surface of the court should always be kept clean, especially if there are trees around the court that shed leaves and flowers and end up on the playing field. Its early disposal will prevent its decomposition and the subsequent creation of a film that hinders drainage and encourages moss growth.

To carry out this cleaning, it is recommended to opt for a rake with rubber teeth, a wide and soft brush. However, if you want to learn how to clean padel courts effectively, the best thing to do is to use a mechanical leaf sweeper or garden vacuum cleaner. The degree of importance of this task will depend on whether it is an indoor or outdoor track.

It is recommended that brushing be performed regularly and vigorously to revive the surface appearance. The width of the brush should be approximately one meter and should have robust and compact strands. The frequency of cleaning will depend on its use, however, now that you know how to clean padel courts, it is recommended to repeat this operation every fifteen days.

If we are talking about how to clean padel courts, it also involves the rigorous cleaning of the elements that surround the surface: glass walls, net, floodlights and covers. All of this is done with water and liquid detergent, as well as with specific cleaning products.

It is important to keep in mind when learning how to clean padel courts that you should not only work on the playing field itself, but also in the surrounding areas. If dirt, gravel or leaves are generated here, the wind itself could move them to the inside of the court.

Sand redistribution

This is another important step in knowing how to clean padelcourts. If you want to avoid wear and tear, balls that do not vote properly or unexpected drops, it is best to use an electric sweeper or rake to spread the sand evenly and proportionally to spread the sand proportionally and evenly over the surface.

Fungus and moss removal

This is the next step in knowing how to clean padel courts. It is advisable if the track is close to wet or shady areas. Ideally using fungicides every four to six months.


More complex cleaning situations

With use, the padel court is usually stained, although regardless of the surface usually comes out with the application of a little liquid detergent mixed with hot water. In the event of finding a chewing gum or a viscous substance adhered to the track, the best thing to do is to use a freezing spray so that it hardens and can be easily removed afterwards. Another option is to use a bucket of ice. Likewise, oil stains can be removed by using a rag filled with denatured alcohol.

Establish a maintenance plan

It seems obvious, but if you want to know how to clean padel courts it will be essential to establish a maintenance plan according to the climatology of the area, the location of the court and the number of hours and activities carried out on it.

Floor maintenance should be performed on average twice a week if the facilities are in permanent use, while cleaning will depend on the conditions of use by the users, so that it may be necessary to perform it on a daily basis.

When we talk about how to clean padel courts, we also refer to the cleaning of the walls, lighting, net and covers, which should follow a weekly or biweekly maintenance plan.

If you have one or more padel courts, it is necessary to control periodically how to clean the padel areas so that they are always in perfect condition. In the daily maintenance network and access monitoring is included, in the weekly the removal of leaves and debris from the surface, in the biweekly check sand levels and drainage, in the semiannual greasing the net furling system and removing stains or repairing damage and in the annual treat the track with fungicides.

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