How to keep padel courts in good condition

Key tips for #maintaining #padelcourts in the face of any adversity and throughout the year #padel.

On average, the life expectancy of a padel court is usually three to four years. From that moment on, it will be necessary to replace the entire surface, especially if it has not been properly cared for. To find out how to keep the padel courts in good condition the first thing to take into account is the type of floor or pavement on which it is built.

An artificial turf, concrete, resin or cement court surface is not the same, as the care will be greater in one or the other case. In all modalities, it is essential to ensure that they are in good condition, since this will depend on safety and quality of the game. Poor care could lead to falls or injuries, as well as problems of aesthetics or durability, deteriorating the pavement at a faster rate.

To know how to how to maintain padel courts, in the case of artificial turf courts, it is key to follow a weekly routine that is linked to a more in-depth maintenance every six months by specialized companies.

Top view of paddle tennis courts

Key maintenance tasks

If you want to know how to maintain padel courts, the first thing to do is to analyze that there are up to five fundamental actions that the padel clubs should take into account. Let’s analyze them!

  • Cleaning: It is recommended that this be done on a weekly basis and consists of removing leaves, seeds, weeds and other debris that can decompose and promote the appearance of fungi on the surface.

To sweep it a rake with rubber teeth and a wide, soft brush are required, although professional companies advocate a mechanical leaf sweeper or garden vacuum cleaner.

For stains liquid detergent with hot water or a freezing spray can be used against chewing gum or other sinful elements. Oil stains can be removed with denatured alcohol.

  • Elimination of fungi: In the shaded and less used areas, fungus or moss tends to appear. An essential action to discover how to maintain the padel is to use fungicides that do not contain oil-based fungicides. This work should ideally be carried out every four to six months, depending on whether or not the runway is in areas that are too wet or shady.
  • Redistribution of sand: It is a key operation to know how to maintain padel courts. It will require a wide brush with medium-hard bristles to balance the sand level and thus prevent some areas from being fully covered and others not. This operation should be performed every 15 to 21 days. The poor distribution of the sand would cause a faster wear, that the ball would not vote properly and even injuries among the players.
  • Checking the seals: Once the first tasks on how to maintain padel courts have been undertaken, the next step is to assess the condition of the court’s joints. If necessary, we would proceed to its repair as soon as possible to avoid further economic and technical intervention.
  • In-depth cleaning: In this stage, the following will be carried out decompaction of the surface approximately every six months. The backfill sand will be removed, cleaned and reinstalled with the objective of improving the properties of the runway and its drainage capacity.
Aerial view of padel courts

Maintenance on other types of runways

To find out how to maintain porous pavement padel courts less precise care will suffice. The surface is composed of a harmonious combination of gravel, sand and granulometric stones, so there will be less shedding of material and less deformation than in the case of artificial turf.

Frequent brushing will be sufficient for cleaning and maintenance. However, it is also necessary to take into account the painting of the surface with special paint to increase its adhesion.

If you want to know how to maintain padel courts made of concrete. The first thing to know is that an occasional brushing and a coat of special paint will be required. On rainy days, this type of tracks present accumulations of puddles, so this handicap must be taken into account.

If you are interested in how to maintain padel courts with synthetic resin-based surfaces padel courts with synthetic resin-based surface. In this case, the procedure will be more demanding. The objective is to prevent sand from entering the track and eroding the synthetic resins, so constant brushing will be essential to prolong their service life.

Other essential tasks

So far we have focused on how to maintain the padel courts in terms of the surface, but we must also take into account the annual review of the elements of the padel courts. annual review of elements such as such as the screws of the walls surrounding the court.

Walls play an essential role in the development of the game, so safety is very important. If necessary, the damaged anchors will have to be removed in the event of stress relieving. It is recommended to sand and give a coat of primer to these parts, as well as being an aesthetic issue alludes to safety, hence its importance in knowing how to maintain the padel courts.

The nets should also be checked to ensure that they are well sewn and taut, as should the windows, which should be cleaned periodically.

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