How to offer padel lessons for beginners at your club

More and more people are deciding to get started in the world of #padel, so it is essential to know how to offer #beginnerclasses for #beginnerlevel #padelclasses.

Every club that lends itself must have a very clear and defined strategy to win members and players who visit its courts, significantly increasing its positioning in a sector in which there is a high level of competition. It is very important to have a human side and to count on a efficient team of professionals who advise and teach padel classes for beginners in which people gain confidence from the first moment.

At Playtomic clubs have the opportunity to make themselves known and present their facilities and services to an interested target audience. Thanks to the use of this efficient software, you can manage and administer all areas, including the padel lessons for beginners. It is essential to that the classes are personalized, since each player will have a different initial and adaptation level.

Chica jugando al pádel en Tailandia

The first thing instructors should do is greet and chat for several minutes with the students. to break the ice and build trust. In this conversation it will be very important to ask them about their objectives when learning this sport, as well as their knowledge of the basic rules. All this in a pleasant, relaxed and close way..

When teaching padel lessons for beginners it is important that the first exercises are done from the same side of the net. that the first exercises are performed from the same side of the net.The ball can be thrown with the hands or with the padel to gain more confidence. Despite his technical failures, it will be very important to encourage and motivate him to continue, highlighting his strengths.

It must be taken into account that the student who takes padel lessons for beginners does not aspire to become a professional, but what he/she wants is to play sports, sweat and have fun, finding a sport that generates some personal motivation and joy. The club teacher must be good at a technical and tactical level, but also empathetic, so the social aspect must be taken care of in detail.

Grip the padel and position yourself on the court.

This is the first step in padel lessons for beginners. It is important to teach the student that there are different types of grips, depending on the needs of the game. The first thing to do is to teach them the forehand ‘in the shadows‘, that is, without the ball. Once the player adopts the correct position and has learned to hold the paddle, start throwing balls with the hand from the same side of the court.

Positioning on the track is another important aspect when teaching padel lessons for beginners. In the course of a padel match, the movements are essential to be able to beat the opponent, so if they are perfected, it will be possible to progress adequately in the game. Keep in mind that this is a paired sport, so it will be very important to synchronize with your teammate.

Initially, the first moves in padel lessons for beginners will be added to forehand strokes. Subsequently, they will vary the displacements before hitting, being able to be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. In this way, the student will learn to run towards the ball, reach, stop and hit without losing stability under any circumstances.

The serve

This is the next step in the process of giving padel lessons for beginners. It is considered one of the basic strokes and the one in which most mistakes are made. The most important thing is avoid bad habits and take out at the right time and in the right way.

Therefore, when teaching padel lessons for beginners, it is very important that the body position is body positionincluding that of the feet, draw a kind of imaginary diagonal line. It is important to leave drop the ballbut never throw it on the ground. It will also be important to to determine the phases of the stroke on the serve.

Practicing basic strokes

In line with the previous idea, when offering padel lessons for beginners in your club it will be very important that you practice the basic forehand and backhand strokesand backhand strokes, and then move on to practice lobs, slice shots and volleys.. Each stroke has its own technique, so that if it is acquired the player will gain more confidence and refine his style of play to get faster progress. In order to put them into practice, it is important to combine the lessons with the game on the court.

Assimilate concepts

As we progress we will see that when teaching padel lessons for beginners, the student will demand a higher level. It is important to define both defense and offenseThe key is to know the player’s positioning in each facet to improve performance on the court. In this way, the following will be achieved minimize the number of unforced errors, while with the attacking game it will be possible to take the initiative of the game and dominate the point.

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