How to organize successful padel tournaments at your club

If you are thinking of organizing a #tourneodepadel #padel these are the tips and keys you should follow to achieve the greatest success #tournament #competition.

The organization of a competition has become the best letter of introduction that an entity can have, as it allows both players and potential customers as well as sponsors to know the activity that takes place throughout the year. However, if you want to organizing successful padel tournaments a series of basic requirements basic requirements.

Organizing padel tournaments can never be synonymous with jumping into the pool without prior planning. At Playtomic we have a wide calendar of tournaments, grouped by geographical location and level of participants, so that each user can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Keys to organize a successful padel tournament

If your club is considering the idea of organizing padel tournaments, whether it is an annual tournament or several seasonal tournaments, you will have to take into account different aspects to avoid making mistakes.


Target setting

Any sporting event to be provided must determine in advance the business business interests (economic profitability to be obtained) and marketing/strategic marketing/strategic interests (to achieve notoriety for the company).

At that point it will be necessary to define the target population. The rules, age limits, rules, place of registration, whether it is for amateurs or professionals, and the meeting points. Another aspect to take into account will be determine the authority figures (arbitration, judges and (arbitration, judges and security personnel).

The logistics must be impeccable. Therefore, it will be penalized if you decide to organize padel tournaments the fact of not complying with the schedules of the matches, the absence or null visibility of the sponsors, the sudden changes in the prizes, the unlevel categories, the scarce or numerous participation and the little promotional activity of the competition.

Date and duration

It is one of the key tips when it comes to organizing padel organizing padel tournaments. It is important to establish the date and duration of the competition. However, it will be necessary to take into account variables such as the availability of the facilities so that they do not coincide with other sporting events. It is also important to adapt to the circumstances of our target audience.


It is essential when organizing padel tournaments to define a well-structured strategy oriented to brand management. In this sense, posters and creatives, as well as actions in social networks and online advertising will add value, as it will be able to reach more participants.

Pádel estadísticas


When you decide to organize padel tournaments, you have to establish a simple and simple and accessible registration process. The new system, in which users can quickly sign up. Ideally, a dedicated website should be created where players can register and pay securely, with appropriate dates.

Determine the format

When organizing padel tournaments, it is important to take into account that there may be different types of tournaments different modalities:

  • Round Robin: A league in which everyone plays against everyone else and which starts with an initial group phase and then moves on to direct elimination. These tournaments are designed to play short one-set matches.
  • Direct elimination Open tournaments: By drawing of lots and in a faster manner.
  • Padel rankings: They establish pairings of the same level, so several categories and groups are established.
  • Padel marathon: Matches are played uninterruptedly for 12 or 24 hours, with playing time being limited to 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Well or multitrack: All available courts are covered and matches are played simultaneously to a hedge or for 30 minutes. If they win they move up the track and if they lose they move down.

Padel tournaments can also be organized by level or by levels or categories by gender.


When organizing padel tournaments it will be important to determine what materials will be necessary. The essential (facilities, balls and prizes) and optional (Welcome pack, human resources, beverages, catering, promotional material, furniture, audiovisual material, cleaning and security services). The more resources, the higher the level of quality and professionalism of the competition.

Financial forecast

In this section, when organizing padel tournaments, it is necessary to take into account the costs involved. We are talking about the rental of facilities, Welcome pack, prizes, balls and staff).

With respect to the means of income at the time of organizing padel tournaments these could be: inscriptions (as the main source) and sponsors (with support in cash, material or as a reduction of expenses).

With these principles and keys in mind, it will be possible to organize successful padel tournaments in your club, which will bring great brand recognition and even economic income. Although it may be viewed by some people as an official tournament, the fact that it organize a friendly tournament will also require some organization and will help to have foresight for future tournaments aimed at a different target.

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