How to repair damaged padel courts

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Over the years and as their use increases, padel courts are deteriorating, losing their optimal conditions and becoming dangerous for the safety of athletes. This is why it is necessary to periodic maintenance and a review of its condition in order to address possible interventions if necessary. For this reason, in the following post, we are going to analyze how to repair padel courts.


First step: removal of the carpet

At Playtomic we are aware of the importance of knowing how to repair padel courts. The first thing will be lift and remove all carpets and expose the pavement underneath, which is usually porous concrete. It is a fairly permeable material that allows water to drain away when it rains and run off under the track instead of accumulating.

It can happen, and this must be taken into account when learning how to repair padel courts, that the concrete slabs have shifted or that the sand, located on the carpet, clogs the pores and prevents proper drainage. It is therefore important to remove it completely with the help of a hose with water.

Second step: preparation of the cracked area

Specific machinery will be used to carry out the milling or diamondizing of the milling or diamond grinding of the surface. The sanding and washing by means of high pressure water. If the old pavement is removed, a high adhesion and the opening of the respective pores will be achieved. For crack sealing, the following are commonly used flexible materials such as elastic resins, minimizing the deterioration of the sports track.

When we find out how to repair padel courts it must be taken into account that the concrete slabs will be poured in parts. The joints are separated by joints to prevent deterioration over the years, rain or changes in the soil. Care should be taken when planting trees near the runways, as their roots could penetrate under the runway in search of water and damage the runway.

The next step to know how to repair padel courts will be to check the planimetry. The soil will be flooded with water to see if there are any unevenness in the surface and if the soil drains properly. This will be followed by the color application to give an aesthetic appearance to the track through the use of specific paints for demarcations.

Aerial view of padel courts

Third step: polishing

Thanks to the polishing process, any unevenness in the concrete surface that could hinder the game, causing falls or abnormal bouncing of the ball, will be eliminated. The key to understanding how to repair padel courts is to perform a dry polish and then a grout. The grout was applied as an effective layer to plug any holes that would break up the uniform aesthetics of the playing field.

Fourth step: re-laying of carpeting

The next step to know how to repair padel courts will be to re-laying the carpets. They are not glued by complete plates, but between the joints and put ael glue so that it is uniform and does not lift the grass cloths. Subsequently, the sand will be applied and stepped on so that it is evenly and naturally distributed.

Fifth step: replacement of the fence

It is advisable, in the process of how to repair padel courts, to replace the conventional gates with electrowelded gates. The lower part of both sides is the most frequently deteriorated. For all these reasons, it will be convenient to reinforce the structure by dismantling the lower mesh and replacing it with prefabricated panels built with perimeter angle profiles and electrowelded rods horizontally and vertically.

Fixing will be done by means of clamps, inserts and screws to the existing structure, taking into account that the wall tracks have one meter more wall than the glass ones.

Sixth step: replacement of glassware

In order to know how to repair glass padel courts, it is important to know that they can break due to a thermal shock, a collision between the glass or a strong impact of a player against it. Also, although less frequent, it could break due to strong gusts of wind or because the stainless steel screws used for its assembly have not been adequate.

It is important, in the process of how to repair glass padel courts, changes and / or cleaning of glass with the help of a steam cleaner. We will also proceed to replace the original hardware and lugs of the glass as well as the neoprene (located between the iron structure and the crystal), which over time loses its original properties and may break. It is very important to replace the glass if there is any damage, no matter how small, before further damage occurs.

These are just a few tips and the key steps to know how to repair padel courts, to which could be added the following monitoring of lighting sources and covers to achieve that the condition of the court is optimal.

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