Introduce Pickleball in your tennis and padel club.

Introducing #pickleball in #tennis and #padel clubs has become an effective solution to gain greater economic profitability #pickleball #playpickleball.

At the beginning of September, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation announced the new agreement reached with the Spanish Pickleball Association to include this new sport, practiced by more than 20,000 people in the more than 20,000 people in the country. Due to its exponential growth and success, it is expected that the first Pickleball Championship in Spain will be presented soon, and that Pickleball will become popular. adapting pickleball to your club.

Just as efficient software systems are used for software for the management of tennis and padel clubs. These could also be adapted to a sport that attracts a large number of players of any physical condition and age; pickleball. In fact, it would not be strange to find in the near future in applications such as Playtomic the possibility to book and play pickleball matches as is the case with paddleball and tennis.

pickleball paddle lying on the ground next to a ball

A sport and an emerging opportunity

Pickleball is presented as the savior of sports entities. Despite the good moment they are going through, they need higher revenues and repercussion in certain time slots and seasonal periods. This is how it is becoming more and more common to adapt pickleball in your club.

The pickleball to your club is presented as the solution to increase occupancy in tennis and padel clubs in the mornings. During those hours the intensity and demand is considerably reduced, but if you bet on enabling that time for a new sport modality more accessible to children, the elderly and people with disabilities, then you will be obtaining a high profitability and social recognition.

Without going any further, and in the words of the president of the Catalan Pickleball Association, Alex Jimenez. In Catalonia there are more than 15 clubs that offer pickleball to your club, registering a total of 50 courts and more than 2,000 players throughout the autonomous community.

Adapting pickleball in your club is a very profitable option. In the USA, pickleball courts are full of senior citizens and retirees from nine in the morning until lunchtime, which shows that it is a niche market to be explored and exploited by Spanish sports organizations.

It is curious, but although pickleball was born in the 60s of the twentieth century, it would not be until the pandemic when the sport began to emerge and become a reference in the U.S. and, consequently, has reached Europe.

Pickleball player serving the ball

A latent success among senior citizens

When we talk about adapting pickleball in your club, it is because this modality is considered a 3G sport. The product is suitable for all three generations of age. In fact, older people can stay active (physically, psychologically and socially) (physically, psychologically and socially) by practicing this sport on a daily basis.

In addition, pickleball helps reduce the risk of cognitive problems. Age-related, as in the case of dementia. If at a certain age we work on learning and assimilating a new sport, with its respective rules, the brain will remain active.

In fact, in pickleball there is a peculiar point peculiar point counting system made up of three numbers: the first refers to the team’s own score, the second to the opposing team’s score and the third to the member of the team who draws. The person drawing must call out the score if he/she does not want to commit a foul.

Pickleball also triumphs and that is why it is a success to introduce pickleball in your club due to the fact that the necessary materials are very accessible. Comfortable sports clothes, efficient and resistant sneakers and a shovel will suffice. In fact, the blades are half the weight of padel, which means fewer injuries will be generated and it will become a calmer sport with lower levels of competition. The price of the paddles is also more economical and is usually around 50 euros on average.

It has been proven that there is a trend in the USA that when people reach a certain age they switch from padel or tennis to pickleball. If extended to Spain, this would generate a great deal of interest in adapting pickleball in your club.

More economical installations

No doubt about it, a pickleball facility is cheaper than a tennis facility. Up to four pickleball matches can be played simultaneously on the same tennis court. Fast courts are set up very simply by painting the lines on the ground and placing a net, which will be at a lower height than in tennis.

When adapting the pickleball in your club you should know that the net can cost about 200 euros if it is portable and 400 euros if it is fixed. If, on the other hand, we want to build a fixed pickleball court, with asphalt and resin coating, then its price can vary from between 5,000 to 6,000 euros. A big difference when compared to a basic paddle that would cost around 12,000 euros.

With a small reform it is possible to adapt the pickleball in your club, multiplying in a remarkable way the profits.

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