Padel court flooring

Do you know the different types of padel court flooring? We explain all the existing ones and their characteristics. Find out how they affect the game and which ones are best suited to your padel club project. Come in and read!

If you are going to build a padel court you must choose very well between the types of floors that exist. The surface on which this sport is practiced is very important as it determines aspects such as ball bounce, speed of play or the aesthetics of your sports club.

The regulations expressly regulate how padel court floors should be. They can be constructed of cement, porous concrete, wood or artificial turf. It also allows the use of other materials as long as they do not interfere with the game and do not produce puddles. Another mandatory aspect is its color: it can only be green, blue or brown.

Do you know what criteria are used to decide what type of padel court flooring to install? It is very important to know the characteristics of the material to be used, its cost, as well as its durability. In this article we will explain all the options you can find. Pay attention!

Types of padel court flooring that you can find

You can find all these floors for your padel court:

Porous concrete padel courts. One of the main characteristics of this type of padel court flooring is that it has a multitude of holes or pores through which water can drain easily without forming puddles. This is especially useful for outdoor tracks in locations where rain is present all or part of the year.

It is a hard and resistant material that is easy to maintain. But it can be a problem if a player falls. It allows other types of padel court flooring to be laid on top of it providing a lot of versatility if you want to make changes to your club in the future. It does not heat up too much which helps to make the playing temperature quite pleasant.

Cement floors to play padel. Another very hard material that does not provide cushioning. This type of padel court flooring is less and less used as it causes a more uncontrolled bounce of the ball. The game is very fast and demanding for the athletes.

It is a fairly abrasive surface that increases the chances of injury. For all these reasons it is one of the least used finishes today.

Synthetic resin flooring. It is used in padel courts where training and tournaments are held. As it has some cushioning capacity, the bounce of the ball is more comfortable for athletes. Provides a good grip on the players’ shoes and the ball. It is also a good protection against falls as it prevents unwanted slipping.

This type of padel court flooring is one of the preferred by players because it allows them to enjoy a great dynamism during the game.

Wooden floors. This type of finishing is present in other sports such as basketball. This type of surface helps both the grip and the sliding of the athlete. One of its main advantages is that it is easily dismountable, which allows the same space to have different uses.

Artificial turf padel court. It is one of today’s preferred solutions due to its easy assembly and low cost. They offer great durability and are easy to maintain. It is one of the top choices for many clubs looking for quality padel court flooring.

One of the main advantages of artificial turf is that it allows comfortable play and it allows for comfortable play and also provides cushioning for falls. In addition, it helps to maintain a good temperature in warmer locations as it is a material that does not overheat.

How to choose the perfect floor for your padel club

Don’t know which is the best option for your padel club? At Playtomic we help you to build the perfect padel court for your users. We offer you the best advice so that you can build the best facilities to play this highly demanded sport. We will study your project and offer you the solutions that best suit your needs.

Padel court floors are essential to offer a good quality of play to your customers. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals! Contact us now and check all the possibilities.

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