Padel court lights

The #lighting of a #padel court is one of the most important aspects that guarantee the quality of the game. We explain the most important aspects to take into account so that the users of your club can live the best experience with this sport. Be sure to read it!

Having a good visibility in padel is essential to enjoy this popular sport to the fullest. Therefore, clubs must ensure that their courts have adequate lighting so that their users can play without any problems.

The standard UNE- EN 12193 establishes the requirements for lights for padel courts. They should provide uniform illumination without obstructing vision. It must be taken into account that in this sport the participant looks up more for shots such as the lob or the smash. It is therefore important to ensure that users can follow the trajectory of the ball in the air without any problems.

Padel court lights are key to making the player comfortable. It will also allow you to increase the profitability of your sports club since you will be able to have longer schedules. That’s why in this article we are going to explain everything you need for the lighting of your sports club. Pay attention!

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Everything you need to know about padel court lights

According to the official regulation, the lighting of a padel court will be established according to the use that is made of it and its location in an indoor or outdoor space. Thus, several levels of lighting are established:

Class I. These are those in which international and national competitions are held. The average illumination will be 500 lux outdoors and 750 lux indoors. In both cases, a uniformity of 70 percent is required.

Class II. For regional competitions and high level training. Padel court lights in this category should have an average illumination of 300 lux outdoors and 500 lux indoors. Uniformity of 70 percent continues to be maintained.

Class III. Refers to lighting required for local competitions and for school or recreational use. The average illumination should be 200 lux outdoors and 300 lux indoors. A somewhat lower uniformity of 50 percent is required for this category.

When broadcasting the padel match, the regulations recommend that the average illumination reaches at least 1000 lux. This level should be raised in certain cases where greater visibility is required.

It is important to take into account the light reflecting capacity of the materials used for the construction of the padel court. The measurements explained above may change and also influence the game. A thorough study is necessary to ensure adequate visibility.

There shall be at least four light poles (two on each side) with a minimum height of 7 meters on which at least 2 spotlights are installed. They must have with asymmetrical anti-glare optics to avoid blinding to avoid blinding players while they are playing the sport.

With the advent of LED technology, padel court lighting has also benefited. They comply with the regulations and also allow considerable energy savings. In addition, they do not emit much heat and features such as automated ignition can be used. That is why they are a very interesting alternative to install in your club’s courts.

Padel court lights also help the visibility of the spectators and the referee. That is why it is so important to ensure adequate lighting so that this sport can be enjoyed without incident.

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The lighting of your padel court with Playtomic

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