Pickleball installations: how to create your pickleball court from lighting to choice of surfaces

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More and more sports clubs are opting to create pickleball courts and even to adapt tennis courts to this new sport due to its high international impact. It is important to keep in mind that the measurements of a pickleball court are 13.41 meters long and 6.1 meters wide. From there, there are a myriad of options, at different price points. However, we will explain the key points about how to create your pickleball track.

To know how to create your pickleball court it is key to orient it from north to south if they are outdoors. This will prevent sun glare or shadows cast on the surface. Track lines must be white and 5.08 cm wide. If playing on a tennis court, four times the size of a pickleball court, it is recommended to adapt it with the help of colored tape or acrylic paint.

At Playtomic we are aware of the high level of acceptance of pickleball in Spain, so more and more people are wondering how to create their own pickleball court, whether public or private. As we have already mentioned, it can be built from scratch or a basketball, tennis or volleyball court can be adapted to this new sport.

Pala de Picketball sobre la pista

The choice of surface

When we talk about how to create your pickleball court, we are referring, first of all, to the choice of the surface in which it can be practiced. It is important to choose a surface that suits our needs, that is perfectly level and that offers a safe game. There are many options:

  • Concrete: Hard and resistant surface that requires little maintenance, although it makes the game more strenuous.
  • Asphalt: Great hardness and traction, easy to maintain, but especially hot and tiring in summer time.
  • Rubber: This is a soft, cushioned surface that is easy to maintain, but can be more costly to install.

Indoors or outdoors?

If you are wondering how to create your pickleball track and which is the best option, you should know that you are given the option to bet on one or the other. The weather is decisive, since in warmer and sunnier areas it will be more convenient to build them outdoors. The wind also invites to build it better indoors if we are in areas of strong gusts, as the pickleball ball is very light.

Another factor that influences how you create your pickleball court is the space available. It is always advisable to do it outdoors whenever possible. And of course the price. The price of an outdoor track tends to be more economical because it does not require additional roofs or walls, as well as fewer repairs and maintenance.

Pala y pelota de Picketball sobre mesa de madera

The choice of lighting

Another important aspect of knowing how to create your pickleball court is lighting. All the sports clubs must be equipped with an efficient efficient lighting system lighting system to provide safe play at night or in adverse weather conditions.

It is recommended to opt for a minimum illumination of 300 lux. Thus, if the court has a height of two meters, it must have at least 300 lux so that the players can see the ball and move without any problem. In addition, lighting must be homogeneous throughout the track, avoiding shadows or too dark areas. Avoiding areas of shadows or too dark.

The most economical option is halogen halogen bulbs. They are also easier to install, although they consume a lot of energy. In terms of efficiency and durability LED bulbs which can emit a cooler light than halogen bulbs. Likewise, the LED projectors are a more powerful option and allow large areas to be illuminated with a single light source. However, they are more expensive to install and require more maintenance.

The painting of the track

If we want to know how to create your pickleball court, it is important to use a non-slip paint. anti-slip paint to improve traction and reduce the risk of slipping. It also helps to reduce track wear and prolong track life. The painting should be applied in a thin and uniform layer, avoiding accumulation in certain areas, and let it dry completely. Avoiding accumulation in certain areas, and let it dry completely.

The choice of networks

In the case of fixed networks.  These are more stable and durable, but also more costly to install and maintain. They also require more space. For their part, the portable networks are more economical and can be easily installed, disassembled and moved. The choice of model depends on personal preference.


Also keep in mind if you want to know how to create your pickleball court that it requires a good drainage system to prevent it from becoming a quagmire in case of rain. It will be convenient to installing a gutter and drainage system as well as adding sand and gravel under the surface to prevent water from accumulating on the track. Likewise, it is recommended that the surface is slightly inclined allowing the water to move to one side and drain naturally.

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