Pickleball, the next big trend for sports clubs in Europe

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Pickleball is the big trend in Europe for countless sports clubs. This modality has come to stay and to consolidate itself as a practical option and ally of tennis and that can gain ground to the padel. In fact, in the USA it is estimated that more than 5 million people play it, while in Spain its acceptance rate is around 20,000 people.

Nearly 60 countries make up the International Pickleball Federation and Spain begins to climb positions by including the Spanish Pickleball Association within the Royal Tennis Federation. In the US, there has been a 650% rate of increase in just six years, with an average of almost 200 pitas opening continuously since 2014.

Tennis players such as Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi or the Williams Sisters show a great fondness for pickleball. There are even famous fans of this new modality such as Will Smith, Emma Watson o Leonardo DiCaprio among others. Even some, such as Jamie Foxx have launched their own line of rackets.

The success that will make pickleball a big trend in Europe in a short time lies in the fact that it is a sport that does not require great complexity to practice. All that is needed is a smooth surface and the delimitation of the field, as the nets are usually portable. In addition, the material is usually quite economical The bats (lighter than those of padel) usually do not exceed 50 euros on average.

Pickleball as a great trend in Europe arises because of its style of play, as it does not require a high level of physical preparation. does not require a high level of physical preparation. In this sport, more value is placed on the positional strategy than in other similar sports, being a very tactical game and with very long points.

Although its rules are similar to those of tennis or padel, pickleball, as a major trend in Europe, has a high degree of inclusiveness. People with reduced mobility, even in wheelchairs, can take an active part in this sport.

That said, it’s no wonder that efficient sports club management software, such as Playtomic will soon start to adapt and include, among their booking options, courts, matches and pickleball championships.

Men playing a pickleball game

Spain, new cradle of pickleball

Spain is aware of pickleball as a major trend in Europe and that is why it plans to hold the first pickleball championship in 2024. Plans to hold the first championship in 2024 becoming a pioneer in the old continent. Pickleball is popular among people who want to practice sports without serious risk of injury, especially among the elderly.

That pickleball is a big trend in Europe is evident, as we can already see how its presence in Spain is especially concentrated in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Cadiz and Seville. Others such as Albacete, Cáceres, Ciudad Real, Alicante, Guipúzcoa and the Canary Islands are also following in its footsteps. The latest to join the hatching of this sport is Galicia, which already has the Pickleball Galicia Association (APIGA).

In particular, Madrid has made a strong commitment to this new sport and has invested heavily in the creation of new courts, open days, competitions and training programs. Negotiations are currently underway with the Superior Sports Council for to classify this sport as federated. Without going any further, the Spanish Pickleball Open broke its own record in 2019 by registering almost 200 participants of up to 15 different nationalities.

For its part, Malaga has the first professional facilities dedicated exclusively to the practice of this sport. The Pickleball Europe Club is located on the Costa del Sol and has become a reference for new and experienced players. Something that proves that pickleball is a big trend in Europe.

Pickleball player serving the ball
Hand of a Pickleball player with a racquet

Why is pickleball so successful in Europe?

Not everything that comes from the United States has a great popular acceptance. However, in spite of this, more and more people are sports clubs that bet on pickleball. It is about a very easy sport to learn. The dimensions of the field and the material used allow a basic control of the game from the very first moment. It is about a social sport. It is suitable for all audiences and any player can start and learn in less than 30 minutes.

Those who choose pickleball are motivated to be competitive. Its technical and strategic complexity makes it essential to learn new movements and positions on the court in order to obtain good results. In the end, it consists of an active training of body and mind. It allows to work simultaneously on reflexes, agility, coordination, balance and reaction speed.

For sports clubs that decide to join the pickleball trend in Europe, it is a great opportunity. Not only because the same tennis court can be used for up to four different pickleball matches, but also because it can also be used for up to four different pickleball matches. Does not require a large investment and the networks can even be portable.

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