Play padel in Amsterdam

Tired of always looking for friends who can play padel with you?

Here you can find a list of padel open matches currently available in Amsterdam in the next 3 days, find your perfect match based on your desired day, hour and level.

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Play padel in Amsterdam

Would you like to play padel in Amsterdam? Playtomic is the world’s largest and ever-growing community of padel enthusiasts, making it the perfect app for you. It’s a place where players, clubs, professionals, and teachers come together to enjoy this amazing sport. In our app, you will be able to find a list of clubs by proximity, a history of matches and reservations and a social feed where to share results and your best moments on the court.

Find padel players close to you

Whether you’re playing with friends or strangers, you can play padel whenever you want and take advantage of all the features the app offers. With Playtomic, it’s easy to find new people to play with in Amsterdam and take your padel game to the next level. Our algorithm automatically updates your level after score confirmation, meaning that you always have the chance to enjoy well-balanced matches with players of a similar rank.

Padel open matches in Amsterdam

Organizing a padel match has never been easier. Simply open the Playtomic app, click on ‘Play a Match,’ and join one of the available matches in Amsterdam. You are one step closer to know new padel players in your city, see you on the court!

Frequently asked questions

If you recently moved to Amsterdam or you are looking for new players to play with, Playtomic is the answer to your needs. Download the app and take advantage of a Community with 1 million active users and more than 4500 Clubs around the world. 

In Playtomic you will be able to find a wide offer of active Clubs in Amsterdam. Download the app, check their availability and book a court or your spot in an open match. 

Finding your perfect match has never been so easy. Download the Playtomic app and navigate to the box Play a match. You will find all the available matches in your city, filtered for your Playtomic Level and location distance. 

When entering the tab Play a match for the first time, the app will ask you to choose the sport you want to play, where and when. Choose your open match from the available list or join as the first player. You can find more details in the following article.

If you use Playtomic, yes. By default, the open match tab is filtered for your Playtomic level. If you don’t find matches of your level, don’t worry: you will always have the possibility to update the filters and request a spot in an existing match if your level is outside the range. 

You either have two possibilities: 

1) Book a court and invite your friends. Please take into consideration that this is a private reservation, so you are in charge of looking for the remaining players. 

2) Join a new or an existing open match. In this case, Playtomic will do the organization work for you! Don’t worry if the minimum number of players do not join in time: our algorithm will cancel the match and refund you automatically. 

More details are available here

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