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Club of clubs is an open initiative launched by Playtomic in order to help venue owners and managers to grow their businesses by having better data and understanding of the industry and engaging with other industry colleagues.

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APRIL 2023

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Retention rate shows our capabilities as an industry retaining players.

New players zoom in


Knowing how often players play padel can help you know your current status. Implement new actions to retain New players or to increase the return of Legacy players.

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Average player level

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Truth based on the data

📈  The truth taking into account the behavior of more than 400,000 players from 34 countries.

Opinion 🤔

Managers thought that the range age of the average player who spends the most money is between 40-50 years old

Truth 😮

+50 years old have the users who spend the most on average. A player of this rank spends an average of €68 per month

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