Technology to analyze padel matches and improve your game

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Much has been said about the value of software for padel clubs when booking a court, being a highly beneficial option for both players and owners of the facilities. But what’s new is that these tools also feature technology to analyze padel matchesestablishing personalized game metrics that will allow users to improve their technique.

Playtomic is currently present in more than 20,000 padel courts in more than 4,500 clubs around the world, in 1,900 cities in more than 40 countries, with more than one million active users worldwide. Thanks to geolocation, it allows you to find nearby game options and find other users with whom you can form a match. But in addition to being able to choose the court and the booking conditions, it has technology to analyze padel matches..

Playtomic is a multi-device multi-device technology platform that allows to record and analyze in real time what happens on the court. Adapting to the level and needs of the player. It also gives the option to make the payment in the same application and to be informed of tournaments, meetings and amateur competitions.

Smartphone con APP de Reserva de Pistas de Pádel Playtomic

Its latest technological innovation

Playtomic goes one step further and has proposed an optical tracking system focused on amateur tennis and padel that takes as a reference a video signal obtained from the cell phones themselves. When we talk about technology to analyze padel matches, the professional high-definition cameras that exist in the ATP circuits, located in a fixed and elevated position at the back of the court, easily come to mind.

Playtomic’s goal with this technology for analyzing padel matches is to resemble these videos that capture shots of the entire court, the lines of the court, the players and the ball in full clarity. The use of smartphones can be democratized the fact that any player with a bracket can obtain general statistics of his game during a match and then analyze them with a view to improving.

The Playtomic ranking

Playtomic provides the technology to analyze padel matches. The Playtomic Club Ranking is a ranking of the most active players of each club regardless of their level. To appear in the ranking and get more points it will only be necessary to make reservations and play tournaments. Matches and sets won are also counted, as well as points for position difference, that is, by how many points one team beats another, which would bring an extra reward.

The ranking is completely free of charge for all Playtomic players. And it will only be necessary to meet a series of specific requirements to enjoy this to enjoy this technology to analyze padel matches: to have a profile picture in the application and to play in the club.

If you want to enjoy this technology to analyze padel matches and have the result of a match count and add points, it will be necessary to be confirmed by at least one player of the rival team. All matches, whether reserves or matches, count for points, regardless of whether they are singles or doubles.


Artificial intelligence cameras

In April 2022, we heard the news that Playtomic, in its quest to digitize padel courts around the world, had begun installing the first AI cameras in the world’s padel courts. First AI cameras on the courts of Las Rozas Club Tennis, in this case, artificial grass padel courts. So, along with the installation of intelligent devices that allow access to the facilities without the need for personnel, there is now a call for technology to analyze padel matches. This takes the sport to another dimension.

This revolution proposed by Playtomic has been spreading from Madrid to other cities such as Barcelona, opening up to gyms and sports clubs that request its application and installation.

It is a technology to analyze padel matches efficiently, because thanks to the AI cameras, which incorporate a screen in the bottom area of the incorporate a screen in the lower area, users will be able to users will be able to know a variety of statistics: speed of the serve, better points or more optimal movements. It also makes it possible to differentiate whether it is a match or a training session, counting the points and results with videos of the best points.

However, all of the content streamed by the AI cameras will be social and entertainment as well as sporting, it will be a technology for analyzing padel matches on a personal basis. The simple fact of being able to download such material and share it on social networks or view it to correct errors implies an unprecedented breakthrough.

The technology to analyze padel matches is here to stay and there are more and more applications that establish precise metrics to become professional and attractive elements for amateur players. professional and attractive elements for amateur players. Playtomic knows no limits and intends to improve its resources in the short to medium term.

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