The best software for the management of padel clubs

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The acceptance of padel worldwide is breaking historical records, something that has led to more and more padel clubs being built all over the world. It has become a sport that attracts both federated professionals and amateur players, which has created the need for the existence of software for padel clubs to handle the enormous demand.

Thanks to a software for padel clubs The administrative, organizational and accounting workload for managers and teams is reduced. You can save time and gain a higher productivity and profitability in the short to medium term.

Playtomic - mejor software de gestión de pádel

The best software for padel clubs


We start with what is undoubtedly the largest platform for court and padel booking in Spain. It arises from the need for players to reserve their courts online through an application, in three easy steps and in a very agile way. With geolocation, you can quickly find nearby courts and even find players of your level without having to know them.

Payment is made securely through the application. It currently has a portfolio of more than 1,000 clubs, more than 9,000 courts and is present in some 50 Spanish cities. The fact is that an average of 350,000 players log on to the application at least once a month.


This software for padel clubs allows a simple, intuitive and adaptable management. Its main advantages are. The system includes the management of user payments and collections, the configuration of subscriptions, the creation of a calendar of courses and activities, access control and product sales management. It has a permanent support team and an intelligent chat to solve doubts and incidents.

Sports Management

It is a software for club managers, which is particularly successful in France, and is customizable for each structure. customizable for each structure. It is customizable for each structure, allowing the user interface to be configured with specific time slots.


This software for paddle clubs emerges as a tool to centralize the management and communication of the club, allowing to have a web site and a personalized application. to have a web and personalized application to which you can incorporate all the modules that are considered appropriate.

In addition, the users’ database will be centralized in a centralized in the same space. It also facilitates the management of registrations and payment of dues, accounting transactions and the promotion of products and offers.

Logos de empresas de pádel


This software for padel clubs is designed for municipalities, clubs and communities of neighbors. Digitizes the processes of reservation, payment, door opening and lighting. Players will be able to find the availability of the tracks closest to their location.

Padel Benefit

It is a software for padel clubs that is 100% padel and compatible with the integration of all types of sports entities and players. compatible with the integration of all types of sports entities and players. It focuses on both leisure and high competition games. Collect 20 automatic and customized levels in real time (with graphical statistics) to analyze performance.

Padel Manager

It is an online platform that offers a integral service of sports management, organization and regulation. The company has been working to meet the demands of clubs and amateur players. All kinds of information about matches and tournaments are efficiently disseminated, creating a very intuitive online court reservation system. It also establishes a ranking among players based on their results.

Radical Padel

It is a software for paddle clubs characterized because it allows you to create and organize an amateur paddle league quickly and easily. It is backed by more than 20,000 padel players and with more than 300,000 organized matches. Its reservation management module is free of charge and contains graphs on level evolution, classification, chat, notifications and reminders.

Padel Around

This software for padel clubs is designed so that users can locate facilities near their location and find other players who want to play a match, classified by their level. You can visit endorsed by more than 2,150 clubs from all over Spain. The user will also be able to obtain information through news and reports. It is also available in French, Spanish and Catalan.


This application allows you to take notes of padel matches and view the statistics in the form of graphs. statistics in the form of graphs. With this efficient software for padel clubs, you will be able to recognize the shots that have won the most points in a match. In addition, it offers the possibility of sharing the results through social networks.

These are just some examples of the best software for padel clubs that you should know, whether you are a club looking to promote your services as if you are a restless player looking for new challenges. A useful tool within the reach of everyone.

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